Keep Out The Cold

Keep Out The Cold

Arrange for an insulation installation in Meridian, Boise or Eagle, Idaho

Don't let all the heat in your home seep out during the winter. Seal in comfort with an insulation installation from L2 Insulation, Inc. The insulation we install is long-lasting and dependable. You won't have to worry about the material we use decaying or disintegrating.

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Get in touch with an insulation contractor based in Meridian near Boise, ID

Trying to complete insulation work yourself is dangerous and tedious. It's best to call a professional insulation contractor instead. We'll make sure that the insulation is properly installed in your home or business.

We specialize in spray foam insulation because it:

  • Offers an airtight seal and is less permeable than other insulations
  • Protects your home against moisture and mold growth
  • Can help lower your utility bills and energy consumption
  • Can perform efficiently for years before needing to re-insulate

Spray foam insulation is often applied to attics, spaces between walls and crawl spaces. Contact us now to speak with an insulation contractor in Meridian, Eagle, McCall or Boise, ID.